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Kautilya3 is an Indian associated as a teacher in an institute in UK. He was caught socking but due to his connections, the finding was oversight`ed and he was ‘asked’ to stick to one account. His name is Uday.

He is Uday S. Reddy associated with School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

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  1. What is objective of this page? Many like me might have visited but are clueless on what you want to do?

  2. Thanks for your comment DB, how did you arrive at this page, why did you read it and why did you make that comment — is the answer to what is the objective of this page. Any suggestions to better represent this information is welcome.

  3. Hi, Thank you for this info, It was really really helpful. Could you acknowledge me more about the stocking incident that he was involved in? You could also email me. Thank you so much. :)

  4. see also for more information on this and other users of wikipedia

  5. He is terribly active in X on the Manipur violence siding Kukis. He has also edited many in wikipedia in favor of Kukis.

  6. About this and other wiki-idiots, see



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