What is the meaning of Arpana?
It means to give up affinity.

After having done arpan of everything to Bhagwan is it possible that due to earlier sanskara we are led to prohibited karma?
No, it is not possible.

Is it possible to mistakenly, have ahankara that I have done arpan of everything to Bhagwan?
No, it is not possible. If abhiman is the result then complete samarpan has not been done. We assumed material to be ours by mistake, when we corrected the mistake then where is the question of abhiman?

After having done arpana of everything, will guna along with dosha will also get submitted, like when selling a house, the snakes and scorpions living in it also get transferred?
Yes, whatever is put in fire gets burnt and takes the form of fire. For this reason in Gita chapter 9, Shloka 28 it is said, “In this way by doing arpana to me you will become free from karma bandhan and fruits of meritorious and prohibited karma.” In chapter 18, shloka 66 it is said, “I will free you from all sins”.

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