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Sitush is Simon Tushingham from UK, he has studied History at Cambridge University.

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  1. Sitush is most probably a paid editor. He is being paid by some organisations to write in favour of or against of some castes.
    He’s a Brahmin supporter or a Brahmin himself with a fake Simon Tushingham profile.
    He doesn’t write anything negative about any other groups. He says that he’s written about Nambudiri Brahmins but he will never write anything wrong about Bengali Brahmins. What I’ve understood is that he can write something about Maithil Brahmin as well.

  2. see also for more information https://web.archive.org/web/20210319234858/https://covid311wiki.info/index.php/Simon_Tushingham

  3. Sitush may not be a Brahman. He is more of a paid Editor for some Organizations who pay him handsomely. He is very biased and not very logical. He has particularly greater venom against one south Indian Community against whom may smear campaigns were launched during British period including even court cases as part of smear campaign which were overruled by the courts and punishment awarded to the smear campaign groups. He appears to be working on handsome monetary rewards from these groups.


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