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Vanamonde93 is an Indian and was associated with Carleton College and Centre for Learning, Bangalore. His name is Abhimanyu and has connection with Indian Institute of Astrophysic and atree, in a way, as well. His bias was more brazen in early edits, he advocates ‘appeasement’ of minorities in India.

He is Abhimanyu Lele studying at University of Chicago.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea appeasement was used for anyone but dictatorial maniacs. Like, say, Modi?

  2. Well, the question is how do you even know the concrete basis on which I made that remark here, you are free to check his edits historically, please check and then come to a conclusion. But without doing any work and merely adding an insinuation by including someone who is nowhere in the scene — it only exposes your agenda! Would you say the word did not exist until the birth of present elected PM of the Republic of India? Or do you say that the tactic of Benito Mussolini was called ‘appeasement’? And why do you provide a fake id when commenting?


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